Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate

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Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate- Item#VCP103

Norman Rockwell's "A Family's Full Measure" is the third plate in the limited edition Rockwell's American Dream collection which is issued with the full consent and cooperation of the Norman Rockwell Family Trust. It is officially endorsed and certified by this Society as a true "Rockwell classic" and a masterful tribute to the vision of our better selves captured for all time by Norman Rockwell.

This is plate number 7241D is an authentic registered plate in the only edition of "A Family's Full Measure".

Plate Size: 8-1/2"
Issue Date: 1985
Condition: Mint
Bradex No. 84-R70-73

It is perhaps late afternoon, and from the brown paper bag on the worn kitchen table, we surmise that the young woman has just returned from the grocery. The bag is not very large; it cannot have held much; perhaps only the box from which she spills a handful of raisins out in front of the older woman.

Other visual clues tell us the true significance of this scene. The young woman's modish crushed velvet hat and string of cultured pearls place the scene in the fashionable 1920's (Norman Rockwell painted "A Family's Full Measure" in 1926). Here, apparently, is a girl who lives comfortably in two worlds - the chic, sophisticated Roaring Twenties of popular imagination, and the humble, traditional home presided over by her mother. The girl very clearly, has at least sampled the glittering "good life" of her era. But, significantly, Rockwell choses to set her act of generosity in the glamorless everday of the America represented by her mother's spare kitchen.

The artist teaches a clear and uncompromising moral that would prove to be a special consolation when hard times hit the country just three years later: a familly that is rich in love will find a full measure of joy in the simplest pleasures, so long as they are shared. A sentiment that is still true today!

This plate comes with its original mailing box as pictured along with its original Certificate of Authencity, and information booklet. This plate is in excellent condition with no chips, knicks, scratches, or crazing, it appears to have spent most if not all of its life in its box. This is a beautiful plate and would make a great wall decoration, or displayed on an end table or in a display case.

This Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate will ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation in the United States.

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Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate

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