Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate

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Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate- Item#VCP#108

This Norman Rockwell Our Love of Country Collector Plate is number 4944B is an authentic registered plate in the only edition of " Our Love Of Country" the eighth plate in the collector plate series Norman Rockwell: The Ones We Love.

Plate Size: 8-1/2" (21.6 cm)
Bradex No. 84-R70-13.8
Manufacturer: Knowles Fine China
Condition: Mint White spot on plate is a glare spot from sun shining on plate not a flaw!
Year of Issue: 1990

As quoted from the enclosed pamphlet" when we look at "Our Love Of Country", we can imagine the human drama unfolding before us.

The year is 1928, the tenth year of prosperity following the signing of the armistice for The Great War (World War I). To the children, the Decoration Day Parade is a feast of sights, sounds, and new experiences. With innocent eyes, they delight in the waving of flags, the blaring of trumpets, and the banging of cymbals.

The adults admire the "spit 'n polish" of the veteran's uniforms, their proud display of ribbons and metals, and of course, the symbol of freedom which brings friends and neighbors together: Old Glory.

With a keen eye for detail and close attention to the subtlies of visual storytelling, Norman Rockwell illuminates this typical American family in a warm wash of light and superimposes a flag carrying veteran in shadow.

Rockwell shows us that while the flag is important to us as the ideal of freedom, this family and the American way of life is equally a cause for celebration. The feelings of love and loyalty we see here are universal and remain as ageless today as the day when Norman Rockwell painted the original for "Our Love Of Country."

This plate comes with its original mailing box as pictured along with its original Certificate of Authenticity, and information booklet. This plate is in excellent condition with no chips, nicks, scratches, or crazing, it appears to have spent most if not all of its life in its box.

This is a beautiful plate and would make a great wall decoration, or displayed on an end table or in a display case.

This Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate will ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation in the United States.

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Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate

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