Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate

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Norman Rockwell Santa’s Golden Gift Collector Plate-Item#VCP110

This Norman Rockwell Santa’s Golden Gift Collector Plate number 14685 C is an authentic registered plate in the only edition of “Santa’s Golden Gift” the official limited edition Christmas plate endorsed and certified by this Society as a genuine “Rockwell classic,” a consummate expression of the genius of Norman Rockwell, the foremost artist of all time in the United States of America.

Plate Size: 8-1/2” (21.6 cm)
Bradex No. 84-R70-1.14
Manufacturer: Knowles Fine China
Condition: Mint
Year of Issue: 1987

As quoted from pamphlet” it is just past midnight, December 25, sometime in the not too distant past. The wise old man from far away in the North has quietly laid out gifts for each and every one. No one has been overlooked, from the oldest to the youngest.

Under the tree are dolls and teddy bears, candy, baseball gloves and trains - even the dog has a bone. Now pausing, Santa places the very last gift, a shiny golden globe, on the glittering tree.

This timeless moment was originally painted by Norman Rockwell, one of the world’s most beloved artists, for the Western Union Company. But as we have come to expect from Rockwell it is a scene that know no boundaries of time or place, speaking to us today as clearly and eloquently, as it did more than a half century ago when Rockwell created it.

“Santa’s Golden Gift” was one of the last that Rockwell painted in his non-photographic style. And as a consequence, it has a solid, sculpted quality that was rarely to be seen again after 1935 the year that “Santa’s Golden Gift” was painted.”

This plate comes with its original mailing box as pictured along with its original Certificate of Authencity, and information booklet. This plate is in excellent condition with no chips, knicks, scratches, or crazing, it appears to have spent most if not all of its life in its box.

This is a beautiful plate and would make a great wall decoration, or displayed on an end table or in a display case. This is a great gift for young and old alike!

This Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate will ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation in the United States.

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Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate

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