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Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate - Item#VCP-105-Z

This Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate is plate number 18437B in the only edition of "Sitting Pretty?" and that it is the first plate in the collection entitled A Mind Of Her Own: Rockwell's Studies of Girlhood. It is issued with the full consent and cooperation of the Norman Rockwell Family Trust.

Plate Size: 8-1/2"
Year of Issue: 1986
Bradex No. 84-R70-9.1
Condition: Mint
Manufacturer: Knowles Fine China

As stated in the enclosed pamphlet, "everyone knows, a well reared lady is expected to display social graces; and so here sits the school tomboy, waiting for her first class at Miss Priscilla's Academy of Etiquette.

She can't imagine why her mother went to such pains to twist her hair into these embarrassing neat pigtails, topped off with their equally silly pink bows. And then she had to squeeze into this ridiculous dress, a garment so constricting - so white - that one could scarely climb even a medium size tree in it. No, she thinks to herself, there's no question about it. This politeness nonsense may be Mom and Dad's idea of how she should behave - but it certainly isn't hers!

The original "Sitting Pretty" painting was done in 1941, at which time child portraits had long been highly patterned. Boys, of course were often depicted as loveable little trouble makers and young girls as rosy cheeked, improbable little angels. Rockwell refused to succumb to stereotype.

Sitting Pretty rises above it, even uses it to advantage, by delivering stereotype with a delightfully ironic twist. This girl has been dressed to the nines. Her brillant white dress, carefully groomed hair and spanking new patent leather shoes shine like mirrors.

She is sitting pretty, yes - but right now she hates every minute of it. All the muscles in her body are tensed as if in resistance to the sheer neatness of her appearance. She tilts her head willfully to one side. The look in her eye and firm set jaw leave us no doubt that this girl, despite her youth, is already very much her own person - one who definitely has a mind of her own."

This plate comes with its original mailing box as pictured along with its original Certificate of Authencity, and information booklet. This plate is in excellent condition with no chips, knicks, scratches, or crazing, it appears to have spent most if not all of its life in its box.

This is a beautiful plate and would make a great wall decoration, or displayed on an end table or in a display case.

What a great present for that budding young lady in your life! Daughter? Granddaughter? Niece?

This Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Collector Plate will ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation in the United States.

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Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate

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