Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate

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Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate-Item#VCP-111-Z

This Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate number 19240 F is an authentic registered issue in the only edition of "Standing In The Doorway" the seventh plate in the limited edition collection entitled Rockwell's Rediscovered Women, a series which offers a unique retrospective of works of Norman Rockwell.

Plate Size: 8-1/2" (21.6 cm)
Bradex No. 84-R70-4.7
Manufacturer: Knowles Fine China
Condition: Mint
Year of Issue: 1983

As quoted from enclosed pamphlet, "the night had been perfect for the Spring Dance, warm and clear with a full moon casting a romantic glow. The young woman and her special beau had danced every dance, from the waltz to the Charleston.

Later he walked her home in the moonlight, and held her in his arms after he kissed her goodnight. Now at midnight, the young woman lingers alone at the front door of her home and takes a private moment to savor the magical evening. Standing in the doorway she ponders the new feelings which have swept over her tonight. And she realizes that she is falling in love.

Norman Rockwell originally painted this young woman in love for the cover of a calendar distributed across the United Sates in 1929. Although the woman is not smiling, she is certainly beautiful. Finely drawn lashes accentuate her large eyes; a rosy blush on her cheeks and a deeper shade of rose on her lips enhance her beauty, echoing the colors of her elaborate party dress.

What a dress it is, Rockwell captures every detail of this classic 1929 dress with his deft handling of line and color. Expert shading reproduces the shiny, silk like look of rayon (a new fabric in 1929) and the myriad of folds of the skirt. Varied hues of rose create contrast between the heavy opaque tiers and the diaphanous ruffles, and carefully controlled textures of color definie every gather of the fitted bodice.

Rockwell's eye for detail is best seen in his treatment of the roses; he skillfully drafts every petal of the miniature flowers cascading down the dress, making each as detailed and realistic as its fragrant natural counterpart on the rosebush. Clearly, Rockwell is using the roses as a metaphor for his theme of blossoming love.

This plate comes with its original mailing box as pictured along with its original Certificate of Authencity, and information booklet. This plate is in excellent condition with no chips, knicks, scratches, or crazing, it appears to have spent most if not all of its life in its box.

This is a beautiful plate and would make a great wall decoration, or displayed on an end table or in a display case. Would make a wonderful gift for a young lady in your life, a daughter, granddaughter, niece!

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Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate

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