Item collection 5c155d4f 8d08 4dd2 b5ed b1a333ebbb4c

Vera Neumann Purple Pink Red Stripes With Hibiscus Flowers Scarf


Item collection ff582e56 53ee 4d64 91c5 10c8550da15a

Vera Neumann Geometric Blue Brown Navy And Off White Vintage Scarf


Item collection 95902b82 e5ad 4ec8 98e7 3a7ca6f12029

Vera Neumann Gold Gray Orange And White Geometric Vintage Scarf


Item collection 6a1361a5 3a99 4e0a 9a9d ae03d887088e

Vera Neumann Long Scarf In White With Red Roses And Green Leaves


Item collection 7fca3a81 de51 4015 b661 a6d06b05c52c

Civil War Legacies Garnet's Envelope #227 Quilt Pattern By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection a2a84dba 73c4 4ef2 9489 18dcdc2c8b7e

Civil War Legacies Uniform Blues #237 Quilt Pattern By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection 08e14e03 ea67 4a1d a430 95de3f3d4483

Civil War Legacies Papa's Birds #238 By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection dca9c60a e8c9 4ec3 b3ea 21f262eb057e

Civil War Legacies Mary Smith's Dishrag #239 Quilt Pattern By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection b6a3bcba fd8f 42ce 99ef 1eafb1514f8c

Civil War Legacies Goober Peas #240 By Carol Hopkis Designs


Item collection b6aaff70 b7fd 42f2 bb7c 622712bd698a

Civil War Legacies Allie Bean #242 By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection a3737713 34f9 4b1b ba1b a2084fd3b229

Vintage Legacies Smiles From Michelle #453 By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection a52fac69 164f 40fc b8a4 5e51867d1ca1

Vintage Legacies Puzzles With Nana #454 By Carol Hopkins Designs


Item collection 1f20a009 094f 4d2d 9154 c923d8e58897

Folk Art ABC'S Vintage Quilt Pattern Designed By Betty Sue O'Dell


Item collection 324936b1 88a5 4d1f b625 4c5f9e5255fb

Fit to Frame Set Eight From My Heart To Your Hands By Lori Smith


Item collection 637f737f 7d38 4f29 8bc2 0674ce1c7d8b

Vera Neumann Pink Gold Blue On Sheer White Vintage Scarf


Item collection e8e943a9 e64f 4cb3 bc07 b35f1505dc09

Vera Neumann Shades Of Purple Stripe Sheer Vintage Scarf


Item collection 774ae61d dddf 49a5 88a0 1dcaf1e5d580

Vera Scarf Long Narrow With Gold Black And White Stripes Vintage 1970s


Item collection 35af2dcc 7ce7 42c0 854a 3d8d92ad3a9d

Full Figure Vests To Knit Leisure Arts Leaflet 547 Designs By Linda Luder


Item collection f556e9b1 e4f6 4479 9e3e 2c48e56af85d

Christmas Vests For Kids Leisure Arts Knitting Pattern Leaflet 611


Item collection 2e4b39b0 f25d 4309 9182 93c0e6863dbd

McCall's 5525 Misses Shirt And Pants


Item collection 8b822a0d 41ea 4f38 bbad a34fb63fa815

McCall's 5533 Misses' Dresses Wedge Shape in Mid-Knee Length


Item collection 1fd9b7b6 9904 4e52 b9df 4b19ea9db0ec

McCall's 5534 Misses' Shirt, Skirt, Split Skirt And Pants


Item collection 04cb12f7 5c1a 4579 8d24 70ed0bf8c05d

McCall's 5536 Misses' Dresses And Jumpsuits In Two Lengths


Item collection 629b3a06 26c7 4f8d 8efb 7a6749fe30ef

McCall's 5495 Misses Dress Or Tops And Split Skirt In Two Lengths And Tie Belt


Item collection 7dfb48fb 41c1 4d97 9c75 e40e34ca7c61

McCalls 5540 Mens and Teen Boys Novelty Pants and Hat


Item collection a9f21a04 5073 43d0 a1e8 ce5a66d5baed

Because of Spring By Paula Vaughan Cross Stitch Pattern Leaflet 2129 Book 44


Item collection ed2a1d6f cdf8 42a4 96fd 4e6f1dc5bb49

Paula Vaughan's Rose Garden Cross Stitch Pattern Leaflet 2025 Book 39


Item collection 11aca0aa 9e3a 447c 94cc 263cbc61e687

Norman Rockwell Back To School Vintage Collector Plate


Item collection ae7e9fe8 7dd9 4569 ba91 0781245719fe

Norman Rockwell Standing In The Doorway Collector Plate


Item collection 45173371 7667 44c0 a3e5 b668e4ac3dd0

Norman Rockwell Gossiping In The Alcove Collector Plate


Item collection 6fcf2059 c683 4ed2 b207 f927603470e2

Norman Rockwell A Family's Full Measure Collector Plate


Item collection 51d3ee62 b247 4984 8424 8fc9437d6953

Norman Rockwell Sitting Pretty Vintage Collector Plate


Item collection 85971aca 3b22 40fa 8d4b 620b1ffb395d

Norman Rockwell Mending Time Vintage Mothers Day Collector Plate


Item collection 1d040c5e 7d86 4c7c b882 23111237329c

Norman Rockwell Our Love Of Country Collector Plate


Item collection 423d05e2 c383 4c33 848c 5e288c947b68

Norman Rockwell Somebody's Up There Christmas 1979 Collector Plate


Item collection 2a4f36f5 b37a 4968 9f8c fa3ff051a285

Norman Rockwell Santa's Golden Gift Collector Plate


Item collection 10c5e94e af71 428e b4df 464421b1c8a1

Norman Rockwell Jolly Old St. Nick Collector Plate


Item collection a032b9c7 8c52 4702 bd20 e7aeac93e4b5

Baby, It's You In Waste Canvas Leaflet #544 Designed By Marina Anderson


Item collection 72eba295 4635 47ec 9932 2970675a958e

Baby Keepsakes Cross Stitch Leaflet #540 Designed By Terrie Lee Steinmeyer


Item collection 86b59bea c9c9 4519 9bad 7a612497e6fb

Beatrix Potter Birth Sampler II Book 551 Green Apple Co


Item collection 109e141e b5cd 41c6 90f3 a34a21641e8f

Bibs & Burps Cross Stitch Leaflet #819 Designed By Terri Lee Steinmeyer


Item collection 2027bf64 6034 46d7 a6ec 1b6e185c67b2

Bibs By The Bunch Cross Stitch Leaflet #939 By Linda Gillum


Item collection c78d9c48 96e4 4e27 ad20 1083a377afca

Clothing Designs For Little People Leisure Arts Leaflet #256 By Anne Van Wagner Young


Item collection 26d557c0 5c63 4a1f acf6 f90a8748d1c8

Country Alphabet Cross Stitch Leaflet #344 Designed By Anne Van Wagner Young


Item collection 09a2d1b2 c490 4339 bce1 15edc1c9af24

Earth Awakens Cross Stitch Leaflet #409 Designed By Mary Vincent Bertrand


Item collection e85dced7 dd14 42ef 9f73 20869eaca8c0

Innocence Cross Stitch Pattern Leaflet #467 by Leisure Arts Designed By Harrison


Item collection b5348259 e2a4 42a1 bb83 3e8ac61dd2e9

Just For Baby Charted Cross Stitch Leaflet #190 Designs By Dick Martin


Item collection 8ffd3fd4 3d12 461c 97ae 6876d01dc8ac

More Sweaters For Cross Stitchers Leaflet #426 Designed By Anne Van Wagner Young


Item collection bcdb3c4a 4a44 406f 8118 fa653638cc8f

My Favorite Things Cross Stitch Leaflet #502 Designed By Frankie Buckley


Item collection 2136733 original

Santa Claus Duplicate Stitch By Judy Milhollin Gibbs for Hollie Design


Item collection d4a22528 ba97 485a bd77 f0df8e299ec7

Short And Sweet #2 Cross Stitch Leisure Arts Leaflet #473


Item collection 29cf5a5b 11bd 4725 a383 67c2cc20f085

Spring Symphony Cross Stitch Leaflet #582 Designed By Bob Harrison


Item collection e97a5d4d 2bfc 489d af15 d57f2e9eb2b0

Thomas Kinkade The Rose Arbor Cottage Book 2 Counted Cross Stitch Leaflet #3056


Item collection b1e84cf2 ce13 46e5 9477 ace77265be75

Thomas Kinkade Chandler's Cottage Book 1 Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Leaflet 3055


Item collection 2135927 original

The Toy Cupboard Second Shelf Counted Cross Stitch Pattern


Item collection 47a2d789 8e97 4c21 b897 7686b78e9173

United In Love Counted Cross Stitch Leaflet #304 Designed By Mary Scott


Item collection 2136665 original

Wonderland Cross Stitch By Carolyn Meacham For Serendipity Designs


Item collection 80e0fdb1 7808 44cd a0f5 2cace83412f3

Sampler Afghans 60 Easy To Knit Pattern Stitches Leaflet #932


Item collection 141353 original

Burda 01230 Vintage Girls Coverall Pattern


Item collection 141356 original

Burda 01233 Vintage Girls Swimsuit Pattern


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